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What is fast charge? What is the principle of battery fast charge?
2022-10-03 Hunan Puheng Energy
You only need to bring a battery to go out to become the living conditions of many people, and the battery is the heart of the mobile phone. If there is no battery, the mobile phone cannot be used. The most worried thing out that there is no place to charge the phone. How does the more advanced mobile phone "fast charge" technology affect the mobile phone battery?

One, what is fast charging?
Fast charging is actually a concept proposed for ordinary charging. The most important thing is to achieve through three ways:

1. In the case of unchanged voltage, improve the current.
2. Increase the voltage when the current does not change.
3. Improve the voltage and current at the same time.
If you want to make your mobile phone better fast charging, you not only need technical support, but also the mobile phone itself must support the use of fast charging. This is also very important.

2. Does fast charge cause damage to mobile phone batteries?

From the perspective of our principles, we will know that the reason why mobile phone batteries will damage are the most mainly caused by the following two reasons:

1. When the battery is charged and discharged: At this time, the positive and negative mobile phone battery will continue to change due to the release of lithium ions, which will destroy some chemicals of the battery itself and reduce the service life.
2. When the battery fast charging: at this time the current is very high, so that the temperature increases during charging, and the opponent battery has certain damage.

From the above, we can see that the fast charging technology rival battery has an adverse effect, but don't worry too much. This damage is in a reasonable state. Moreover, according to relevant regulations, after the battery is charged 500 times, as long as the capacity has reached 80%, it is qualified.