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Is it feasible for high -frequency construction UPS rental?
2022-10-28 Hunan Puheng Energy
High -frequency construction UPS power supply is a long -term power supply in the UPS industry. It is now widely used in the communication industry billing center, communication base station, bank business outlets, ATM automatic withdrawal machines and securities, transportation, power, industry and other industries and other industries. Not every industry has purchased high -frequency -frequency UPS by themselves. Many of them just need to open a exhibition, and many people choose to rent.

So is it feasible for high -frequency industrial UPS rental? Hunan Park Heng Energy sharing the main points!
1. Shanghai Yuehan Industry adopts advanced DSP digital control technology, high -frequency industrial frequency UPS has voice alarm function, high -speed microprocessor (MCU), programmable logic device (CPLD), sixth generation low loss consumption High -power IGBT and static switches, if it is a meeting or sports event, various conferences, exhibitions, concerts, large summits and other places, high -frequency construction UPS leases can be satisfied.
2. High -frequency industrial UPS realizes the large power supply capacity, high reliability, and stable performance. After leasing, we can provide customers with high quality of power protection and keep driving for the successful activities of organizers' activities. convoy.
3. Use full digital control technology to achieve multiple UPS parallel redundant functions.
Users are worried that high -frequency industrial UPS leases will not be used. Don't worry. Now advanced schedule management software, UPS comes with a schedule management software, you can self -programming flexible regular turnover/shutdown, battery discharge and average. Floating charges and other functions allow users to use and manage UPS more conveniently.
Now, high -frequency industrial UPS power performance is stable, many industries are using, developing rapidly, and technology in all aspects is constantly improving. It is believed that in the future, it will become mainstream products!