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What is the reason for choosing a lithium battery?
2022-10-03 Hunan Puheng Energy
        Today, more and more people choose lithium batteries, such as smartphones, U disks, etc., you will choose lithium batteries. What are the advantages of this battery to make everyone choose one after another. What is the reason why lithium batteries are so popular? Let's take a brief analysis. Is this the case?

1. There is a high energy ratio
Due to high storage energy density, it may now reach 460-600Wh/kg, which will be six or seven times that of lead-acid batteries. It has a long period of use, which can be at least 6 years. The rated voltage is relatively high, and it is about three nickel -cadmium or nickel -metalized battery series voltage. Such batteries are very convenient to form a power group.

2. Can withstand strong high power
Electric vehicles use lithium iron phosphate batteries, which can reach 15-30C discharge and charging capabilities, which is convenient for high-intensity to start and accelerate. Light weight, if it is a lithium battery of the same volume, it will be one -fifth to one -sixth of the lead -acid battery. The adaptability is very strong, especially the temperature of the height, which can be used from minus 20 ° C to more than 60 ° C. It can be used by processing and can be used under the environment of minus 45 ° C.

3. Green environmental protection

Whether it is production, or use and scrap, it is green and environmentally friendly. It does not produce or does not produce toxic and harmful heavy metal elements and substances without lead mercury cadmium. This can make everyone rest assured. Even if it is produced, it will not consume water, which is very good for this.

Our life is increasingly inseparable from the battery, and the battery is used in many places. Especially like the lithium batteries introduced today, so many people will choose it because of the advantages of this.