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How to prolong the life of lithium batteries
2022-10-03 Hunan Puheng Energy
In recent years, transportation batteries have caused frequent fire accidents due to their complex environment, private modification and stitching, lithium -ion battery characteristics, etc., which has caused serious hidden dangers to the health and safety of the masses, which has become the focus of public opinion. At present, batteries that provide power supply for electric bicycles, electric motorcycles and electric vehicles are mainly divided into two types: lithium ion batteries and lead -acid batteries. The state and Beijing have introduced a series of laws, regulations and standards to standardize and require the quality and safety of battery products to ensure the personal health and property safety of consumers.

Production and business reminder: Do not provide the rated voltage greater than 48V batteries, not to be modified

In terms of production and operation, the Beijing Market Supervision Bureau reminds that electric vehicle battery products that do not meet the standard requirements shall not be produced or sold. At present, the standards involving electric bicycles and electric motorcycle battery storage products are recommended. It is recommended that manufacturers implement the above standards, or formulate and implement corporate standards higher than national and industry standards.
In addition, individual batteries on the market are marked with GB 31241-2014 "Lithium ion battery and battery pack safety requirements for portable electronic products". This standard is mainly applicable to portable electronic products such as laptops, mobile phones, cameras, etc., and is not suitable for electric bicycles and electric motorcycles.

The battery product logo shall meet the relevant regulations. The product logo content includes the product information that consumers know in advance.

The operator should establish a purchase account, retain the purchase voucher, and truthfully record the purchase channels, product information, inspection reports, and supplier contact information of battery products. The battery that meets the standard requirements for electric bicycles shall not provide electric bicycles with a rated voltage battery with a rated voltage greater than 48V. The electric bicycle battery shall not be operated and modified.

For battery products sold by e -commerce platforms, e -commerce operators should indicate product names, execution standards, specifications, Chinese warning descriptions, and the scope of product applications in the product details page, and the product information that needs to be known in advance to effectively protect consumers Legal rights and interests.

Consumption reminder: If you store lithium batteries for a long time, 30%to 50%of the electricity will be fully charged once every month.

The Beijing Market Supervision Bureau reminds consumers to choose a regular physical store or e -commerce business entity with good reputation and complete licenses, and actively obtain invoices or other shopping vouchers; when purchasing, check the logo information and applicable scope of battery products; stay away from "" Three "batteries.

For safety, the battery product must not be installed, modified, and replaced with the requirements of the vehicle configuration.

When charging, it should be carried out strictly in accordance with the requirements of the instruction manual. Before charging, turn off the power supply of electric bicycles and pull out the key. It is not allowed to charge temporary power lines, sockets and other methods. Charging shall be charged in a fixed parking charging place that complies with the safety of National Electricity.

At the same time, focus on maintenance and inspection. For lead -acid batteries, if it is stored for a long time, it should be electricity that is not less than 50%of the electricity, and it should be replenished every other month to avoid long -term storage. Keep the power in the range of 30%to 50%, and a complete charging and discharge cycle is performed every other month to avoid long -term storage of battery performance safety and life. At the same time, according to the requirements of the manufacturer, the original maintenance point or professional maintenance service unit shall be inspected, maintained and replaced by the maintenance point or professional maintenance service unit.