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Comparison of polymer batteries and lithium batteries
2022-10-03 Hunan Puheng Energy
Polymer batteries and lithium batteries are two batteries that we often use in daily life, but for novices Xiaobai, the difference between these two batteries is not well understood. Let's take a closer look at the two batteries. What are the differences in the difference?

1, raw materials
These are the most fundamental differences between the two batteries. The polymer battery refers to at least one component of the three parts of the battery's positive electrode, negative electrode, and electrolytes is made of polymer materials. Compared with small molecules, it is compared with small molecules. The strength of the polymer has good toughness and elasticity. The most common is made by the use of polymer materials in the two aspects of positive and electrolytes, and there is no requirement for lithium batteries.

2. Shaping
In terms of shaping, polymer batteries are more operable, can be thinner, and can also make any area and shape production. It can be solid or glue. The lithium battery uses an electrolyte, so it needs to be wrapped in a solid shell on the outside, so the weight of the lithium battery is usually heavier.

3. Safety
Most of the polymer batteries appearing on the market now are soft -packed batteries, using aluminum -plastic films as shells. Therefore, when organic electrolytes are performed inside the battery, even if the temperature inside is very high, the explosion will not occur. There is a certain explosion of lithium batteries. If the current is large enough, it is easy to have short circuit.

The difference between polymer batteries and lithium batteries is probably the case. When purchasing, you need to gather your own actual needs to better use it.