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The principle of battery pack charging discharge
2022-10-03 Hunan Puheng Energy
The battery pack is used in many industries. It has longer service life and stable power. So do you know the principle of charging and discharge of this battery? The editor of this article will give you a specific introduction to everyone, I hope to help everyone.

1. The principle of charging battery pack

The termination voltage is 4.2V when charging. It should be noted that it must not be charged. Otherwise Specialized constant current and constant voltage chargers are not casual.

Then charge the constant current until the voltage of both ends of the lithium battery is 4.2V, and then use the constant voltage for charging. It can stop when the current drops to 100mA.

2. Principle of battery pack discharge

Because of the internal problem of the battery, the lithium ion cannot reach the position where the lithium ion cannot be moved to the positive pole during discharge. In this way, it should be noted that some lithium ions will be reserved. The ground is embedded in the channel, and if this is not done, it will cause the battery life to be shortened. In order to ensure that the graphite layer can still leave a part of the lithium ion well after discharge, so that we need to require us to strictly restrict the minimum voltage of discharge termination. Do not excessive situations when discharge.

The discharge time of the battery pack is the value of the battery capacity except the value of the discharge current. It is necessary to be a good idea. The discharge current cannot be 3 times more than the battery capacity. For example If the battery, the discharge current must be within 3.