120W layer can fold the solar panel
最大功率(Pmax):120WMaximum power supply voltage (VMP): 19.2V
Maximum power current (IMP): 6.2A
Open voltage (VOC): 22.6V
Short -circuit current (ISC): 6.7A
Net weight: 4.23 kg/9.3 pounds
Aspect: 1560x521mm/61.42x20.52 inches
Item No.: MAX-LM120

1. Light weight, folding design, easier to place and carry
2. The handbag provides better protection and extra space for accessories
3. Made of sturdy tempered glass and aluminum frames.
4. ETFE integrated fit, thinner, longer life span

1. Adjust the placement angle of the independent stent arbitrarily

Accessories materials are guaranteed for 1 year.

Built -in component
1. Panel Leads (Pair): MC4
2.IP65 waterproof wiring box