120W sewing can be foldable solar board
Maximum power (PMAX): 120W
Maximum power supply voltage (VMP): 19.4V
Maximum power current (IMP): 6.19A
Open voltage (VOC): 22.9V
Short -circuit current (ISC): 6.56A
Expand size: 1685*530*40mm
Folding size: 530*350*40mm
Weight: 4.3 kg
Output: MC4 connector*1
Accessories: chosen by customers
Item No.: MAX-FZ120

1. Make your hands convenient to carry
2. Light weight, folding design, more convenient to place and carry
3. Handbags provide better protection and additional accessories space

1. Adjust the placement angle of the independent stent arbitrarily

Accessories materials are guaranteed for 1 year.