Mobile energy storage system (10ft)
product description
Compared with the traditional fixed energy storage system, the mobile energy storage system is used in multiple fields such as the transmission and distribution of the power system with its outstanding flexibility and convenience. Continuous electricity), temporary electricity and spare power lights. The standardized container size is used to allow ocean and highway transportation. It can be lifted through an elevated heavy -duty machine. It can be mobility and is not restricted by geographical restrictions. In addition, the container energy storage system can be made in factory production, and the assembly and debugging in the workshop can be directly saved, which greatly saves the construction and operation and maintenance costs of the project and achieves accidents.

The structure is compact and the engineering construction cycle is short, which can quickly respond to customer needs;
Flexible charge and discharge strategies can be performed according to factors such as load demand;
Integrated and/off the network fast switching system to achieve millisecond -level switching to ensure that important loads are constantly electrified.

Product parameters