100W Monopoly Cartooper Package Solar Boat Board
Maximum power (PMAX): 100W
Maximum power supply voltage (VMP): 18.4V
Maximum power current (IMP): 5.43A
Open voltage (VOC): 22.6V
Short -circuit current (ISC): 5.72A
Maximum system voltage (VMAX): 1000V DC
Weight: 21.5 pounds/9.75 kg
Size (fold): 27.0x22.0x2.8 inch /685.8*58.8*71.12mm
Size (Expand): 43.3x27.0x1.4 inches/1100**685.8*35.56mm
Frame color: black
Back panel: black
2.5mm²*60cm, MC4+Anderson X1PC
Handbag x1
1PC/heavy color box, 1600/40HQ (floor load)
Item No.: MAX-MB100B

1. High -efficiency 100 watts of single crystal solar panels
2. Book, better angle placed
3. Corner protection
4. Strong tempered glass and aluminum frame
5. Complete wind and rain
6. Single crystal solar cell

very suitable
1. Solar generator
2. Portable power station
3. Emergency standby or remote power supply